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3 cockpit indicators from a Sud Aviation SE210 Caravelle mounted on stand

Steaming HOT coming strait out from the workshop !!!!

Here are a couple cockpit indicators from a Sud Aviation SE210 Caravelle mounted on stand.

The Sud Aviation SE 210 Caravelle was the world's first short/medium-range jet airliner, produced by the French Sud Aviation firm. Its maiden flight occurred in 1955 when the company was known as SNCASE. The Caravelle was one of the most successful European first-generation jetliners, selling throughout Europe and even penetrating the United States market, with an order for 20 from United Airlines. The Caravelle established the aft-mounted engine, clean-wing design that has since been used on a wide variety of aircraft.

279 units were delivered from1958 to 1973.
Air FRANCE on its own ordered 47 units.

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Picture courtesy of Airliners.net

Caravelle 2.jpg















Régime moteur Caravelle SE2010.JPG






















Exhaust indicator SE 210 Caravelle.JPG






















Dual fuel pressure indicator SE 210 Caravelle.JPG

























NEW NEW NEW : CFM 56-5A fan blade from an Airbus A 320 mounted on a stand.





















Weight : 5Kgs

Height : 52 cm

Polished titanium.


Boeing 727 complete cockpit

Check this out !!!

Part of our private collection is a complete Boeing 727 cockpit. All the indicators are original. As removed from the aircraft before it was taken apart...

Model : 727-233 (Adv) (F)
Aircraft registration : C-FUFA
Owner : First Air
C/N: 20941

Height : 16.1 (41 cm)
Lenght : 53.1 (135cm)
Manufacturer : Boeing Aircraft Company

Picture taken by Peter Novacki courtesy of Jetphotos.net

Cockpit Boeing 727 pic 2.JPG


















Cockpit Boeing 727 pic 1.JPG


















Cockpit Boeing 727 pic 4.JPG