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AMAZING A340 fan blade (Trent 500) !!!!

Shine on you crazy diamond !!!

In Flight Lights surely tries its the best to bring you the best !!

This fan blade is DEFINITLY a KILLER !

Made of solid titanium, this blade comes from the Rolls ROYCE Trent 500.
It is the sole engine for the increased range Airbus A340-500/600

Size of the blade :
Height : 96 cm (37 inches)
Depth : 34 cm (13 inches)

Diameter of the base = 36cm (14 inches)

The Trent 500 features a 97.4 inch diameter wide-chord fan together with a high efficiency core. This combination of existing fan size and a scaled core yields an engine giving significant improvements in fuel efficiency and lower noise. These are essential attributes for an engine designed for a long-range four-engined aircraft.

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Yours truly, Messer.

Trent 500 blade pic 7.JPG





















Trent 500 blade pic 5.JPG





















Trent 500 blade pic 6.JPG





















Trent 500 blade pic 1.JPG











































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